Working to build a better IT Application

CDAT as a Software Development Organization under section 25 of Companies Act. The objective of the company was set to bring the benefits of ICT to the common man. 

CDAT works on the concept of collaborative approach in the task of developing applicable and sustainable technologies and ethnically appropriate solutions and bringing them to the daily lives of people. CDAT works with Academic and Research and Development institutions, industry, NGOs and Government in this endeavor. The company has a unique way of growth by working with an expanding network of research laboratories for undertaking development work. The partners are a combination of academic and Research and Development institutions, industry, NGOs and Govt. Agencies. 

The projects can be sponsored by Corporate Bodies, Govt. (Central/State) and Local Municipal Bodies/Panchayats. The list of collaborative partners for development is growing and the network of national laboratories for undertaking different types of development work is expanding. Faculty and research staff of these associates is core participants of the programme. Many projects undertaken in the areas of ICT for e-Governance,Healthcare,Education,Agribusiness,e-Commerce,Village Livelihood Generation,Empowerment of the disabled and Rural Connectivity are now undergoing test deployment and are being made ready for national / large scale deployment.


To become a leading global IT organization driven by Technology, Innovation and Research.


Contributing towards better project implementation through IT innovation. Maximizing value for our stakeholders and customers.


Generate an surroundings that fosters creativeness and directness to new ideas leading to improvement in skills, technology and processes

Ownership and Collaboration

Own and bring our commitments as a team. Endeavor for collaborative efforts, nurturing mutual respect and intelligibility.

Performance Focus

Determined to complete our business objectives and investigate opportunities for accelerating growth.