Kisan Bazar
Connecting Farmer to Consumer

e–Commerce Platform for
Agri – Commodities

Kisan Bazar is a web based e – Commerce software with three-tier architecture. The software is a comprehensive system meeting all the requirements of the Farm Company, This Solution Digitizes the Buying and Procurement of the Farm and Agriculture Products right from the Farmer to the Consumer . With a workflow based system & role based access it has been built with a number of features for easier use by the Farm Company staff, farmers traders and consumers

  • Regions Covered
  • Farm companies
  • Farmers
  • Districts Covered
  • Total Products
e–Commerce Platform for Agri – Commodities

We take complete control of the supply chain

Kisan Bazar connects Indian farmer Companies / Indian farmers directly to businesses across the country by taking complete control of the supply chain. Each step is captured and monitored by our tech enabled Kisan Bazar Portal & Mobile App . Our integrated services include:

Improving farmers's FPC
crop selling experience

  • Transparent Pricing
  • Building trust with quality driven competitive prices factoring in all associated costs and expenses.
  • Simple Payment
  • Direct to bank account. On Time. No installments.
  • Hassle Free
  • Local logistics support by the FPC with direct farm sourcing.
Our Vision

Benefits Kisan Bazar can offer you

  • Integration of complete Agri. Chain Right From Farmers Land Record with Soil type/ health pattern Production Up to Processing.
  • Online availability of information related to crop pattern and production.
  • Farm produce track-ability shall help in boosting agricultural exports.
  • 100% digitalization of transactions.
  • Global E-trading platform to increase Farmers and Purchasers market reach.
  • No physical presence at trade location is required for Purchasing Produce.
  • Increase in No. of Purchasers using latest ICT technologies.
  • Best competitive price delivery mechanism.
  • Integrated Accounting Module for Farm Produce Company ( FPC )
  • This system eliminates the need of maintaining a separate accounting software , this automatically integrates all the transactions and maintains the accounts of the FPC . The calculation of daily minimum, maximum and model prices and arrivals of commodities is eliminated. Preparation of statement is automated.
  • Higher accessibility through mobile client app
  • Practicing of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Industry Best Practices
  • Intelligent MIS Reports and Data Analytics for Better and Faster Decisions

Engagement Model

  • Subscription Model

    The interested FPC can Join us with a unique affordable subscription Model

  • Dedicated for Company

    Hire A separate Dedicated Company wise Portal can also be provided


Organize information, produce high-quality products, and enhance thinking skills


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