Human Resource and Pension Management System

Scale your Teams with a Smart Cloud-based HR Management Software

  • The eHRMS Application has been developed as a product model for providing a generalized human resource management solution for Big Organizations
  • It helps the Organization in taking right decisions at right time and for proper monitoring, manpower planning, recruitments, postings, promotion and transfer based on employee skill sets.
  • An HRMS aims to improve the productivity and efficiency of the business through the automation of manual and repetitive tasks.
  • It also frees up the HR team’s time which can then be used to address more strategic, business-critical tasks.
  • To preserve employees’ most useful information currently available in their manual service book record to electronic form (e-Service Book) and to create a Searchable Employee Service Book database.
  • To make available eService book on the Internet supporting government effort to bring transparency in a user-friendly interface for use by both the department and Government employees.
  • To achieve the objective of RTI Act with regard to employee posting and transfers. To eliminate the redundant paper work to be performed at various levels
  • Elimination of duplicate and inconsistent record keeping
  • Faster Response to employee grievances related to promotion, transfer and posting.
Human Resource & Pension Management System

Configurable Time & Attendance

Keep A Check Of Your Leaves And Attendance Real Time

  • Multiple Attendance Inputs (Biometric, IP address, Geo-based)
  • Flexible Shift And Roster Management
  • Compensatory Offs, Overtime Workflows
  • Configurable Attendance Rules & Validations
  • Leave Policies & Approval Management
Human Resource & Pension Management System
  • Online Transfers & Promotions

  • Online Joining and Relieving


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