Public Grievance Management System

Grievance Handling Simplified

Use Our System to ensure Time Bound , Transparent Grievance Redressal

22KGrievance Received
97%Grievance Redressed
Grievance Handling Simplified

Key features

  • Automated unique complaint ID generation.
  • Structured complaint workflows based on ULB classifications to ensure speedy resolution.
  • Grievance redressal conceptualized as a comprehensive system. Grievances can be filed under appropriate category
  • Multiple modes for receiving complaints
  • Software and Mobile app for online processing of grievances
  • Monitoring and alert mechanism built in the system
  • Citizen can track and see Grievance in real time
  • Provision for uploading photo by the citizen and by the officer upon resolution
  • Citizen can provide feedback for the resolution of grievance
  • Unique Rating System for Performance
  • Grievance Re-open facility upon unsatisfactory response


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